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Gold Force can perform virtually any task that an in-office employee can complete. Virtual Assistants utilize our own advanced software and technology, and are trained at our own expense.

Whether you are an entrepreneur in the start-up process, an active business owner seeking to spend more time growing your business than running it, or a successful CEO wishing to automate your office, Gold Force Administrative Support can assist in the management of your daily processes, monthly procedures, and one-time projects.

The services listed throughout the site are not all-inclusive by any means, as new resources are continuously being added. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact Michele for a quick consultation to see if we can meet your more specific need!

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  Gold Force Customer Support Services

Gold Force Customer Support Services

Keeping in touch with current and past customers increases client loyalty, strengthens relationships, and expands referrals. People love to feel appreciated and valued. It encourages them to share the love through continued business and referring their family, friends, and business associates to receive the same positive service from a considerate business. Too often business owners do not have the time to dedicate to customer appreciation, but find tremendous business growth opportunities when they turn to customer support outsourcing. Gold Force imparts a genuine empathetic touch to communications with a pleasant voice and articulate wording, and serves as a professional extension of your business with a true interest in your company image.


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Gold Force Administrative Support Testimonials

"Finding Michele was a dream come true. I am an independent consultant with no staff, and I am not expert in Microsoft Office. Michele always makes me look good by providing a high level of technical expertise related to producing documents in Excel, Word, Publisher and virtually anything I need. I can handle the basics, but when I know I am out of my league, Michele comes to the rescue. My deadlines are her deadlines and she always delivers in spades. I have recommended Michele many times and I am pleased to do so."
Lynne Abramovich, OH

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